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Hiroshima in America: Fifty Years of Denial Robert Jay Lifton

Hiroshima in America: Fifty Years of Denial

Robert Jay Lifton

Published July 28th 1995
ISBN : 9780788199929
425 pages
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 About the Book 

Hiroshima in America is a book with the purpose to inform. Through reading this novel you see the feelings that came from America during the time when the bomb dropped. Mitchell and Lifton give you a lot of information about what happened in America, and how government officials tried to hide it from the public. Their purpose was to inform you that a lot went on in America too, that Japan was not the only country with worries.The theme of the book was insensitivity. The authors talked about their feelings on how the bomb might have been too drastic. The theme revolved around worries with government officials not being sensitive toward the disaster this bomb would bring. Another theme could be trust. Mitchell and Lifton also discussed how the government released only checked papers and did not share as much information as they had. They tried to hide the bomb from the rest of the country.This book was an exposition. They analyzed the situation, and explained everything that happened in great detail. The authors showed the true colors of our government during this time, and deeply considered actions that were made. They brought clarity to the decision to drop the bomb, and analyzed this decision with other facts.I liked this book. It gave many interesting facts, and it showed me a side of this story I had never heard before. Hiroshima in America was a novel full of opinions and new ideas. It brought out a side of our country I have not had the opportunity to see.I would not have changed anything about this book. Overall, I thought Hiroshima in America was a book of great detail and wonderful facts.